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Foldable Laptop Stand With Built-in Foldable Legs Multiple Height Adjustments


(66 customer reviews)

✅ Better Body Posture

✅ Relaxed Neck & Wrist

✅ Multi-Angel & Height Adjustable

✅ Lightweight & Portable

✅ Dissipates Heat & Faster Cooling

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Scientifically Designed To Help You Balance You’re Sitting Posture Keeping Your Back Straight, Neck Relaxed And Wrists Natural Even After Long Work Hours.
Keeps Your Laptop Cool Allowing Air Flow From All Direction And Letting The Heat Escape Relatively Faster
Increased Productivity:

You’re Likely To Get Tired Much Quicker When Working On A Laptop Without A Laptop Stand. This Is Because Of Poor Posture And Straining Your Eyes When Looking At The Screen.

With a laptop stand, you can adjust how the Laptop is positioned to your computer for the perfect work experience. This ensures that you don’t get tired too quickly so you can work in a comfortable position and stay productive throughout the day.

Heat Dissipation Design :

Keeps Your Laptop Cool Allowing Maximum Airflow And Heat-Dissipating From All Direction. Helps Improve The battery life and internal components life also improves.

Helps Your Laptop & Tablets To Perform At Optimal Capacity And Prevents Damage Due To Over Heating

Multi-Angle Adjustable Design:
The Foldable Laptop Stand Provides 6-Speed Adjustable Height, Adjust To Comfortable Operating Angle And Height Based On Your Actual Need.
The Ergonomic Design Makes For Easy Watching And Typing, Relieving Neck, Shoulder And Spinal Pain.

Multi-Range Gadgets Compatibility
The Laptop & Tablet Stand Supports Most Devices From 10 – 15.6 Inches: Macbook, Thinkpad, Surface, Chromebook, Ipad Pro.
The Laptop Stand Can Also Be Used For Tablets, Smartphones, Reading Books Or Using Other Electronic Screen Gadgets
Easy Carry & Portable
The Foldable Laptop Stand Which You Can Fold And Carry Easily In Your Backpack Or Briefcase You Can Use It To Change Angle Of Your Laptop Therefore Use It As Laptop Incline Stand Or Laptop Height Stand

Foldable & Lightweight

Laptop stand fully foldable, lightweight at 260gm only, and extremely handy to carry in your office bag [Increases laptop life]-keeps your laptop cooler

Exquisite Workmanship

Machined from good quality fiber, with sandblasted and brushed processes.

With a Non-slip silicone mat, avoid risking any scratches to your devices and stable placement makes it the best laptop stand available in the market.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Better Body Posture
  • Relaxed Neck & Wrist
  • Multi-Angel & Height Adjustable
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Dissipates Heat & Faster Cooling
  • High Quality, Strong & Sturdy

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 6 cm

66 reviews for Foldable Laptop Stand With Built-in Foldable Legs Multiple Height Adjustments

  1. Satya

    Super quality love this new model would recommend it any day it is the widest in the market go for it

  2. rajmouli

    Solidly built with quality fiber material. This has been one of best purchase.It is a nicely built foldable stand which leaves the backside of your laptop completely open for the best possible ventilation. Comes with a handy pouch for you to carry it aroundI

  3. ragul

    Strong built, build quality is good, holds the laptop steady on all hinges and has a wider span. Nice packaging and sturdy material.

  4. ThangamThangam

    Lightweight and extremely useful. It comes with multiple height adjustments which makes it super ergonomic for various levels of viewing depending upon your chair and table height. best buy

  5. karthi

    Good one for work from home

  6. Suganya

    love this simple, elegant, lightweight, excellently designed Laptop stand. Strong build in metal, good color and finish. Rubber grips are good. Those looking for the best, durable Laptop stand in this price range, this is the best choice !!

  7. Kuldeep

    I used it with both 13 & 15 in laptop and I didn’t face any issue in terms of shaking. The adjustable height option is very useful.Although, I wished t

  8. S AishwaryaS Aishwarya

    This laptop stand is sturdy and reliable which can be easily carried out anywhere and the best part is it comes with a cute pouch🤩🤩 This stand makes ur work much easier which avoids strain on ur neck or shoulders 💻⌨ if you are searching

  9. Arfa

    Lightweight and extremely useful

  10. Maaz KhanMaaz Khan

    best quality

  11. Tarak

    Strong and sturdyBut little heavy not easy to carry around all the time

  12. Mohammed shujauddin

    The product is compactable, easy to carry and more comfortable in positioning the laptop

  13. Mohammed Aamirulla

    Loved it 😊

  14. FaaizFaaiz

    It’s a very good product and value for money. Very easy to use by kids also,its helping my children a lot during the online classes. Would surely recommend it to other parents and also people who work from home. Would surely give it 5 stars for its make a

  15. Rishabh

    The stand isnt much of extra expansion than the single scissor design.The extra price for the stand is not justified. Buit quality is average and would not be something you’d want in your daily carry due to the heavy weght However it looks decent from far

  16. Mohammed Taiyab

    product quality too good and value for moneyGo for it

  17. RayeesRayees

    worth buyingexcellent quality

  18. Vicky

    The media could not be loaded.  This laptop stand is one of the best purchase I made for myself. It has helped me in relief from my neck pain that i had due to long hours of desk work. The quality is really great and it’s quite sturdy. It

  19. Walkamilewithrohini

    The media could not be loaded.  This laptop stand was quite a saviour to the pain that I get while working on laptop & Now that t have it, the pain has reduced . I can easily adjust the slants on which I can work quite comfortably.The qua

  20. NIKITA11

    This laptop stand is just perfect for all my needs like online classes, my office work and all .. it’s so portable , can carry easily, light weight .. also the best part is it has so many height adjustment… Now I don’t have to adjust my laptop or tablet

  21. SantoshSantosh

    This is a very handy, light weight and easy to use laptop stand. It can be folded and kept in a cloth pouch. Pouch has also been provided with this stand. This is a boon in these times of work from home. Kids can also use it for their online classes. Happ

  22. Nainudhin Afroz

    The product quality is too good and value for moneyJust Go for it

  23. Apurva Apurva

    The laptop stand is very sturdy, compact and easy to carry around. It has a really cute pouch. It is very convenient to use and helps in maintaining the posture while working and this greatly helps to reduce the strain on the neck. I also use it for readi

  24. Kamran

    One of the best laptop stands ever came accros this could be a game changer in your daily life this product helps to stay longer then normal working hours a new visionary laptop stand which changed my back health forver I see so many differences after usi

  25. Praghti

    It is very useful for your posture specially now since we are all working from home and we tend to sit in the bed and the height of laptop can be low at times compared to us which can spoil our posture leading to back ache with its adjustable height optio

  26. Syed

    I like this product because it is friendly use

  27. Nitin

    Good quality, but Slightly costly. Should have been around 600-700 rupees

  28. MayankMayank

    Everything is good but pricing is on higher side

  29. Mansi Gupta

    It’s of very good quality and great strength to hold all types of gadgets from phone , tablet and laptop.Sturdy and safe with great quality materials used.Also it’s portable small and easy to carry and comes with a pouch tooA thumbs up for this

  30. Ankush Kakkar Ankush Kakkar

    It’s the great product for your laptop you can use it for hours and feel so so comfortable.

  31. Vaishnavi Jaiswal

    Works best for me and I am so impressed with it. It is easy to setup and firm. There is no risk of your laptop falling down, it is easily adjustable and takes up minimum space …giving you all comfort when using it.

  32. Sanchita SanyalSanchita Sanyal

    This laptop stand is perfect in every way. It is light weight, sturdy and very effective for body posture like neck and backbone. It gives a clear view of the laptop. It has anti-silicone rubber p

  33. Nagaraja R Hegde

    I am using it for posture correction while working with laptop. It is fine. No skidding, very stable – it won’t shake while typing. It works for tall & short people.


    The product is good. But its very overpriced. I bought it for 1000 Rs and yet I find it overpriced. Now its selling @1499 it way more than overpriced.It should be selling between 500-600 and it will be in demand like anything.

  35. Muthukumarasamy

    Good product.

  36. raj sinhg

    for 15.6 inch laptop at list 2inch Wider Base

  37. Naman jain

    I wish I had known about this Laptop stand a year ago. I absolutely love it and it makes it so much easier for me not having to use earphones. The stand raises up just enough for me so speak during Zoom conferences and not having to move forward towards t

  38. deepak

    I really like this stand it serves it purpose, portable it is sturdy once you place the device on. I have had it for some time now and no complaints you can place a laptop, Ipad, etc on it without any issue.

  39. Manoj. M

    This stand can pack easily into my computer bag and is usable on my iPad, my 17 inch laptop, my Chromebook, and it even helps hold textbooks open at an angle. Love that it doesn’t add noticeable weight to my already heavy bag.

  40. Vibhu

    I like the design is this. It has helped improve my posture so much. It’s nice to have different levels to place it at. Super easy to handle

  41. Abrar Ahmed

    Minimal and well made. Truly lightweight and feels durable and all around made. The scope of change has made it incredible for use at a work area,on planes and trains. It is very well may be gotten together and buried quite effectively when not being used

  42. Shilpi

    It is a fantastic! Very lightweight and folds up into a case small to fit in your laptop case. Yo can take it anywhere and set it up in seconds! I am very happy wit the stand!

  43. ShashiShashi

    Nice product ..5 out of 5

  44. Charan Kumar

    A laptop stand was recommended by my physical therapist to help my upper back issues. This stand holds my Dell laptop perfectly. The laptop is not lightweight, yet this very lightweight stands holds it up to a good eye-level (is adjustable) and is sturdy

  45. Manjeet Singh

    Absolutely worth the money! It keeps me from bending my neck while working in my laptop. No more neck pain. Highly recommend. Bought 2 more for my family members.

  46. Swati Kashyap

    solid support I love using my laptop on this stand! It looks good too! Very sturdy and easy to travel with. Really helpful if you are writing too much on your laptop. Easy to put away and carry. It’s exactly as described.

  47. Ibrahim X AdilIbrahim X Adil

    Love of the quality, easy to use , worth the money

  48. Deepak

    Very light and Handy, best for 11 to 14 inch laptop.Very good sturdiness, slik, easy to cary in laptop bag. Product comes with nice cary pouch.

  49. Heeral singh

    I really like this stand it serves it purpose, portable it is sturdy once you place the device on. Worth the money!!

  50. N N Prasad

    Metal solid adaptable conservative strong sturdy stand. Make the PC view point generally excellent and composing makes simpler. Particularly the shifted holy messenger position raises the PC to the eye view position. Exceptionally glad to get a fabulous i

  51. Pisali

    The product is awesome at its made of aluminum

  52. Pradeep Rajput

    Quality is very good

  53. Rahul

    A laptop stand was recommended by my physical therapist to help my upper back issues. This stand holds my Dell laptop perfectly. The laptop is not lightweight, yet this very lightweight stands holds it up to a good eye-level (is adjustable) and is sturdy

  54. sanjay

    Excell in use very handy.. Strong one to take the load of the laptop. Easy in carrying as it takes very less space in the carry bag.

  55. nirali

    It’s sturdy and easy to use

  56. sai prasadsai prasad

    The media could not be loaded.  Sturdy build quality, easy to pack after use. Best for the price paid.

  57. Aryan

    very good and high quality product

  58. Bambam mahtoBambam mahto

    Nyc ..but price should very high…it’s may be 300 only but product is ok u should buy it

  59. Shubham gaurShubham gaur

    Great build quality. Useful for me

  60. aashi singhal

    strong enough to cary 16 inch laptop, compact, Easy to carry anywhere , works perfectly . Happy with this purchase

  61. Dhruba KshetrimayumDhruba Kshetrimayum

    Nice product with value of money…very light weight and steady

  62. Praveen

    Looks small but very strong and made of aluminum alloy.Well suits the purpose, absolutely required for maintaining ergonomics.

  63. Mohammad Abdullah TariqMohammad Abdullah Tariq

    Amazing Product, Build quality and Design is very good.Great for Students, and Work from Home.

  64. Kulwinderjit

    Good product

  65. Karthik

    The product looks really good. Delivered on time. Good sturdiness, value for money and its light weight as well. It comes with a pouch which is a good add-on.

  66. abhishek arya

    Adjustable, Ventilated, and Portable.

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