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Posture Corrector for Men and Women Back Brace Provides Pain Relief for Neck, Back, and Shoulders


(319 customer reviews)

✅ Reduced Lower Back Pain

✅ Reduced Neck Pain

✅ Fewer Headaches

✅ Improves Circulation And Digestion

✅ Less Tension In Your Shoulders And Neck.

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80% of Indians will experience back pain and bad posture. Poor sleep, mood, energy and difficulty concentrating are only some of the ways bad posture affects us.

When our nerves and muscles are tense, so too is our entire nervous system, including our brain.

Posture is so important for both our health and overall well being, yet it seems to have taken a backseat in today’s society. Laptops, cell phones, and sitting down all day have had an adverse effect on our posture, and we’re all looking for ways to fix this.

We want to stand up straight and look good as well!

We designed our Posture Support back brace with this in mind. Our back brace will pull your shoulders to a more natural position and also straighten your back.


  • Helps you stand taller and straighter to make you look better and younger!
  • Correct your posture for once and for all!
  • Fits 90-110cm chest and waist (strap is adjustable)
  • Sporting design helps correct harmful posture.
  • 12 strategically placed magnets target the spine and lumbar region.
  • Unisex design for man and woman.
  • Fully adjustable for your comfort.
  • Suitable for: working, walking, exercising and relaxing



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Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 6 cm

319 reviews for Posture Corrector for Men and Women Back Brace Provides Pain Relief for Neck, Back, and Shoulders

  1. Palash

    Waise to product accha hai but ek chiz hai jab isko pehan jata hai to ye shoulder ke pass me utna comfortable nahi hai (strip) jitna hona chahiye baaaki over all product accha hai

  2. Shubham singh tomar

    So much comfortable and pain relief product.. Just by using for 2,3 days my back is literally going…. This product is really very good. This helps my grandma also for there back pain…

  3. Ankit

    It helps to correct posture and provide releif in related back pain. This is a great way to form better muscle memory. I cannot attest to how effective it is for back pain but I know proper posture is essential. You cannot wear it in summer and go out as it is completely attached to your body. Overall this thing is pretty affordable at this price point and I wear it while at my desk or watching tv so I don’t slouch like I normally do.

  4. Avantika Gupta

    The product itself is good quality and it’s pretty comfortable to wear but it does ride up in the armpits sometimes. I started wearing this while working on the computer and running to improve my posture. After a week, my boyfriend noticed a difference in my posture and my shoulder pain is greatly reduced. Would definitely recommend!

  5. Lalith

    Product is good and will definitely work as mentioned. Tried it and it can help us to improve our posture but it is a little bit long process to wear it

  6. Aditya Pal

    I work for continuous 8-10 hours sitting in the same chair, and its no surprise that I have a growing back pain.We ignore our posture while working in the pc ,but this product is a blessing. It maintains the correct posture keeping my back straight even if I am not paying attention to it. After use my back pain has reduced significantly.This is a must have for all working in a chair for long hours.

  7. Jimmy sherpa

    Very good for lower backbone problem and for posture correction..

  8. Varun

    Such a good product for bad posture .I ordered this for my grandmother and she is happy to use it.

  9. Soniya

    Product gives best results in Pain relief and posture correction as claimed. Built quality and material are quite good.

  10. Shobha savita

    So lightweight and comfortable,,, it’s very useful for my backbone pain

  11. Aman

    This product is great!

  12. Ashish Bisarya

    Fits well, actually straightens you up

  13. Dr.Sreeja

    Supports your back providing pain relief. Neck support is not very effective.Using it under your clothes can cause skin irritation. I’ve used it for a week now.

  14. Parth Modi

    The belt quality was very good¦ This is free size’s belt so everyone can wear it comfortably. I love this product

  15. ch Sandeep

    Really very comfort.

  16. Kamala H

    Purchased this product for my sister in law, after using for a week I am writing this review, now her back pain got reduced a bit, she also use this product which traveling

  17. Kim mervyn

    The material quality is good and the comfort is better than actually expected. Though the posture correction would take time, temporarily giving good shoulder support. Giving 4 starts for the fit and finish. 5Stars seeing the results.

  18. Raj Aryan


  19. Hitesh Sharma

    Nice product, getting relief.

  20. Santosh Kumar

    I like this product very comfortable

  21. Shrish

    I am skinny person and had hard issue to hook up on belly, it keeps slipping on belly.

  22. Iqra Fatima Ansari

    Worth money.

  23. Sai B

    A Must Have Product… Veey Nice ‘ЌYou Get More Than What You Pay For

  24. Aasheesh Sharma

    I have been using this brace for several weeks because I was having neck and shoulder pain. The pain is now greatly relieved. I would highly recommend this product for people who have similar issues or people who want to avoid such issues. Anyone who sits at a computer all day or has a job that requires very less movement or staying at a place for too long. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. Nobody will know you are wearing it unless you are wearing very tight or sheer clothes. As an added bonus your posture will be greatly improved and it will improve your personality as well.

  25. Pradnyavant kamble

    The quality of this product is very good.It is comfortable and it fits perfectly.It is worth to buy this product at this price range.

  26. Ravi

    I only used this tool for around two weeks, so I could not say this is perfect. But it has been helping me to correct my posture so far. It is stronger than my expectation, so it really holds my shoulder and back from shrinking. More than anything, it at least reminds me to keep trying to sit down in the right position. It is light, so it is portable, and it is durable so far. Also, the price is reasonable. I believe that it is a worth price paying, especially if you have a problem with your posture.

  27. Parveen nehra

    This is my first posture corrector I’ve worn, and I’m loving it so far! I’ve been going to the gym close to a year and a half, and I’ve tried to better my posture when doing lifts. A friend recommended wearing a posture corrector while lifting so the right muscles are engaged (to avoid the “spoon back”), and let me tell you, in the week I’ve been wearing it has made all the difference! I feel like this has improved my posture overall – been wearing it for an hour twice a day and it’s wonderful, it does what it says.

  28. Rakesh

    This is a nice product

  29. Shantanu

    This product is useful for correcting posture while sitting in front of a computer for an extended period of time. It’s a little strange wearing it for the first time. It does, however, aid in maintaining proper posture.

  30. Prince

    Value for money product. Nice posture corrector with adjustable straps. Can wear any one from S to XL size. and lightweight.

  31. Abhishek Shah

    I have been using this brace for several weeks because I was having neck and shoulder pain. The pain is now greatly improved. I would highly recommend this product for people who have similar issues or people who want to avoid such issues. Anyone who sits at a computer all day or use a sewing machine could find this particularly helpful. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. Nobody will know you are wearing it unless you are wearing very tight or sheer clothes. As an added bonus your posture will be greatly improved and you will look better as a result.

  32. Dinesh Patil

    It supports back and helps posture correction

  33. Hitesh M

    I have habit to walk posture down so I was looking for belt which help me correct the back posture.After lots of research I have found this Kosto belt. This is highest rated posture belt on website. I am using it from last 15days. Its comfortable for use and relief from my back pain. Also my posture is getting corrected.I recommend everyone go with this KossTo belt.

  34. Satish Barman

    Value for money

  35. shankar Kumar

    Posture corrector for men and women,It is also good for back pain or any adult can use it .

  36. Amit

    Good and comfortable wile usingEasy to wearAnd it can go under your cloth without revealing it.

  37. D.Phanbuh

    Been wanting to purchase this for a long time and finally got it . Will be using it and see the results. It is a bit uncomfortable but can be adjusted accordingly. Provide muscle memory as well . Great product.👍

  38. Dushant

    I liked this product very much because it is very elastic and very good quality and easy to wear

  39. Nageen Chand

    All it can make us is more painfull, with full tight clench. I can still bend to forward without any problem. Whats the point of this belt if we have to kepp pur back straight by ourselves.. which we can fo without this vest.

  40. Aiman

    I had worse back pain but since the moment i used this product the pain is starting to go away…love the product

  41. Sneha

    The belt is sturdy, has an amazing fit and very comfortable to wear. It glides on perfectly to provide the right posture. Must try!!


    Good for posture correction.If u low back posture you can use it It also helps to prevent in body pain.

  43. Prakhar Singh

     I liked the quality of the product.Very satisfied.Using it daily.

  44. Tanmay

    Bought this product after long hours of sitting time in my office. Now i feel relief in upper back pain. I recommend to wear this product for 2 hours daily for better result

  45. Pardeep Mehta

    Today i got my product …..will update very soon after usage…’s seems to be a good product….let’s c …. thanx

  46. ramakant

    It’s a pretty simple design, just like all the other posture straps. It’s comfortable enough but you should also feel a little uncomfortable. Your shoulders want to slouch like they have for years, so slide this on sort of like a t-shirt or dress if you’re a lady, and pull those straps down so they’re taut. They should be tight but not painfully uncomfortable.It is nice to wear for a while, if you wear it in public you’ll probably notice friends comment on your “vibe”. Opening up your shoulders sort of brings your chest up and out so you look confident instead of hunched in on yourself.Even looking in the mirror I was like oh hey mr. broad shoulders.Anyway it’s a good simple product. I wear it mostly when I work (sit at a desk for 9 hours a day) but it’s also nice to wear out and about. Expect your back to hurt at first as you straighten out.

  47. Aman sharma

    Can be better, trying to scam by giving voucher for better ratings

  48. Sayed Shahin

    I liked it very much, as it is very effective and nice product….Good for the one who is working from home or for online studying students…. Thank you ☺️

  49. Ajitesh Pandey

    Belt to s good but it’s tightness quality is so bad I purchased it on nov22 and in starting frb23 it is useless because it is so loose.SO THIS is the main bad feature of this s belt

  50. himani singh

    I like the packaging and it’s very comfortable … I used it for back pain … It’s so good 😍

  51. Dinesh Kumar

    Initially, I thought the price is a bit high but after receiving it, I was amazed & the price is worthable for it. It’s comfortable and has more built-in quality.

  52. Dolly singh

    As I’ve gotten older my posture has become more slumped over and I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain as a result. My first posture corrector that I ordered did not have the waist wrap just the shoulder sling. It never really worked in pulling my shoulders back; possibly because as a female I’m too narrow to get it tight enough. This posture corrector however is THE REAL DEAL. The waist wrap makes a huge difference. This one pulls my shoulders back and is comfortable. If you are thinking about a posture corrector then skip the one that does not have a waist wrap as part of it’s design because it makes a BIG difference.

  53. rajasuresh

    Product quality is good.

  54. Swapnil Potdar

    After living with lower back and hip pain for 10 years, thanks to two car wrecks, my posture had become increasingly worse. After a lot of research, I decided to give Comfy Brace’s Posture Corrector a try and I am so glad I did! I’ve only had it for a week and it has already helped me so much. I wear it a little tight for a few minutes, to help train my body. Then, I loosen it and wear it for several more hours a day. Just having it on is a constant reminder to correct my posture. I couldn’t be happier with it, I’ve already recommended it to several family members who have shoulder, neck and/or back ailments.

  55. Ashwini Pitale

    Amazing Product, really helps to correct posture also has information about when to use and for how much time each day

  56. Shubham Sharma

    Got mine yesterday and the build quality is amazing for the price point (I got it for 499). The straps are sufficiently long and overall seems to work well. Will update after a month’s usage.

  57. vinnu

    I have used it only for 1 week now.I can say that It provides a great comfort mainly for sports person/working/studying young people and may be in old people too. Ususally i forget to Maintain the body posture while concentrating at the work or when sitting ideally. Where this product has covered my whole spinal area along with stomach.Its good buy @/below 399/-& finally I can see that the quality is very good. Its long lasting 👍 compared to few other products i checked & returned earlier.

  58. Bharath kumar

    The product is good for support and also comfortable to wear whole day.

  59. Devika

    Great product. Pulls back the shoulder and back. Adjustable for different people and different size. Comfortable product and quality is also good.

  60. Disha Das

    Its waistband and shoulder made with a comfortable, breathable fabric, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.It has almost full back coverage, supporting any slouching issues you might have. Great product thank you.

  61. Shivangi Srivastava

    I like the product very much..

  62. AVINASH K.


  63. akhtarbdh

    This posture corrector belt is easy to wear and comfortable. It provides immediate posture correction. It helped relieve my shoulder pain due to laptop use.Best for posture correction. It iseasy to carry and easy to wear without any problem.

  64. Prakash

    It is a very good back supporter

  65. sai krishna vardhan

    Average for the price. Thanks to the seller.Worth the price. Comfortable to wear.

  66. andy

    Need to try it for few weeks to gauge the effectiveness

  67. Ashwini Purohit

    Products is very good in this price range.

  68. Asif mehboob

    Its soft and helps in posture correction

  69. Shashi yadav

    Best for posture correction.It helps in back pain. It is comfortable in use.

  70. Vishal mittal

    Very effective product

  71. Ashish kumar

    I used this posture corrector for the first time ever in life bad after using for one day i started feeling confident and felt like healing pain of shoulder. Good one ,one can buy it.

  72. Shubham

    Value for money

  73. aman auja

    Very nice and best product package is too good very comfortable for use in this budget got very nice product . Product material good thank u

  74. vima kush

    Support is good, material is comfortable

  75. Sampath

    For spine in correct posture corrector it is use full

  76. Sony

    Great product thankyou 🙏

  77. Tanuja Narvekar

    ARTRUE Posture Corrector is for both men and women and so much Comfortable and Lightweight,easy to wear.It Reduce Neck, Back Pain so personally love the product

  78. Premalatha

    Good support for back and lessening pain but it scratching my armpits and pushing my ribs back it’s a little painful

  79. Anuj rajpoot


  80. Shubham Bhatt

    I just got this product on 2nd Jan 2023 tried wearing this for the whole day on 3rd Jan 2023 ot was quiet good feel relaxing over all day if one is travelling for 50 km on bike daily can wear this while driving has good comfort and is also good while working all day posture get better with this loved the product good for pain relief and support

  81. Arvind Kumar

    Product is having universal size. Products fabic is very good. Cohessive property of belt is also good. Give back pain relief in daily work. I AM HAPPY WITH THE

  82. shubham M.

    I just got my brace yesterday and wore it for about half an hour, so that’s where I’m coming from with this review.My family have noticed my poor posture lately and have been commenting on it, so I’ve ordered a new chair for my home office, a lumbar support cushion for my chair at work, and this thing for when I’m not at either.I’ve got a large torso and wide shoulders, so I wasn’t sure how long the straps should be; eventually I decided to put them on with only slightly lengthened straps from the default. They’re elastic, and fairly strongly so, and they held my shoulders back in the proper posture without trouble. My family noticed immediately that I was standing straighter, so clearly they’re doing the job, and there wasn’t any noticeable discomfort from the relatively tight straps.

  83. TSSomasekhar

    I use this product regularly and especially during long ride on my bike. The product is sturdy and effective to relieve from back pain. I wear this support and drive bike and always felt comfortable.

  84. Rishabh Chaudhary

    I’m writing this review after using this product for 1 month.As I was facing issues of backpain and bad posture this belt really helped to overcome the bad posture and relief in backpain was noticable from very 1st week of usage.Material quality is really impressive in this prove range and steel bars for supporting posture are very good and sturdy. This product worth every penny I spent for the purpose.For noticable good results you have to use the belt regularly.I’ll come back after 2 months and tell about the further progress in posture correction and quality of product.

  85. Ganesh Jadhav

    This is good value for money product

  86. shekhar

    Value for money

  87. Yongkho Sadang

    Worth the price. Comfortable, especially during studying it maintains the right posture.

  88. Rehan Kanuga

    Excellent back support belt that is both comfortable and lightweight. It has soft fabric that does not overheat even when worn in the summer. If you work at a desk all day and want to better your body posture, this is perfect product to have.

  89. Vedant Deshmukh

    I was having back pain problem, so my friend recommended this product to me and after using it, I can say it’s Worth it. My back pain has relief. I can recommend this product to you.

  90. Vijendra Singh

     I use for both shoulder straightening and back support. A little bit uncomfortable near the should area. Belt design should be more precise otherwise all good. I like the product

  91. Ganesh

    It helps to have a grip to the back and not bend while riding the bike.

  92. Rohit saini

    This is the best product got it and start using and started seeing change in a week

  93. Aaryan

    It is a nice product the fabric quality is good easy to wear and very comfortable and give me a releif in my back bone and in my posture at last it is value for money

  94. Joel D.

    Instructions for use are given which makes the product easy to use with prescription. My posture feels good.


    I tried this ,It is good for posture correction, if you have irregular posture , standing irregularities,or backpain you must use this to get healthy benefits.

  96. Shikha

    Beneficial for backpain and to stay upright 👍👍

  97. Partha Naskar

    Value for money

  98. Shruti Chauhan

    It was a chaos wearing it. Felt like an armour but helps good with posture, it’s a little bulky to carry all day long and for constant sitting. The back consists of metal plates inside so it’s steady but if you’re looking for something more comfortable you should research more

  99. mukesh uniyal

    Received product is good condition. Very helpfull to back.

  100. Sanket Malpathak

    It’s nice to have when one has back pain. Very easy to wear. More beneficial when someone drives 2 wheeler / 4 wheeler for long distances or time

  101. Vengat prabhu


  102. Abhishek kumar choudhary

    Good product, impressed with the pain relief.

  103. Apoorva

    I just got it and used it for 2 hours ..i felt relieved in my upper back and shoulders.. i hope it will correct my posture.

  104. Ayesha

    Very helpful

  105. Dhruvi

    This product is very helpful to correct your posture. Good finish and good comfort. Very good material used in this product.

  106. Prince attri

    Product use is awesome and comfortable product….

  107. Aayush Bansal

    This belt is good. It’s better if some hook or something like that was there, instead of magnet because I think this doesn’t go too long. Otherwise, it is good and it helps me to solve my problem. Anyone can wear this, irrespective of their size is their plus point.

  108. yamini

    Comfortable material.

  109. Riayz

    Very nice and god

  110. Sandeep Verma

    It’s good and I feel comfortable to do excercise with this band and it’s very stretchable. Till now I bought many but I didn’t feel more comfortable than this. Simply I love it. We feel relief with it and we didn’t get any back pains and any other pains by using this. Finally it’s just awesome!!!thanks to it for making me back again , was facing pain after the issue of back but thanks to regular use of the posture correct i am able to get rid of it , not only this it has supported me and back while performing task with great ease i was able to complete it .

  111. Sonia

    Good n comfortable product.

  112. KrishanKumar

    Very comfortable product

  113. HarendraBugaliya

    This product is awsmVery good

  114. saikumarD

    Easy to use and good quality

  115. VikramKumar

    It relieves from my pain it’s worth it

  116. Sathya

    More Comfortable

  117. AshishSingh

    Feel more comfortable than before….

  118. ManasMohanty

    Recommended. It’s very much useful for those having back pain. It’s give enough support to the back.

  119. Pradeeprawat

    I like this product and I m also using it.

  120. ashutoshkumar

    Comfortable and easily to stretch

  121. kunal

    I bought this product few days ago it helping alot to correct my posture till know i have no problem it comfortable to

  122. RinkuSingh

    Easy to use and very comfortable.

  123. Ibrahim

    Nice products for pain relief

  124. Surya

    Its easy to use if any person is just adjusting it for you otherwise for alone its very hard but not impossible. And offcourse after using it for nearly 3weeks it definitely gives pain relief.

  125. UtkarshKumar

    The product was very relaxing and comfortable and the build quality is also good this product never let u down.

  126. SureshKumarArunachalam

    This product helps me in reducing my backpain. Little discomfort while wearing it as the supporting belts are coming below the under arms.

  127. Varun

    Very nice product,, it helps in my back pain,, and now i am feeling better by using this product,, i recommend to all office workers to use this product,, it will helps you to sit in a proper posture….

  128. Komalsingh

    Serves it’s purpose.

  129. anuradhapandey

    Comfortable in using

  130. sivakrishnag

    Very good product

  131. Tarunkaushik

    Nice product best customer service

  132. AlekhyaKumari

    Easy to useComfortable

  133. Priyansh

    Good and easy to wear

  134. SanyamBhardwaj

    Product is really good and it really works for me..

  135. jyoti

    Good product at this price

  136. VivekLokhande

    Good product in Budget price.

  137. Dhanashreekulkarni

    Comfortable, easy to use, help to correct posture

  138. AquibQureshi

    Easy to useComfort

  139. AshishJha

    Vry nice…. Comfortable..And pain reliefVery Good seller 😊

  140. venkateshtekkali

    Very nice product

  141. Sandeep

    Back pain relief

  142. Arun

    Gud product for the upper body posture

  143. anand


  144. Rana

    Good for patients with back pain and shoulder pain

  145. NileshJainNileshJain

    It is easy to use and also comfortable. Even while working it is very easy to use the belt. It is one and only solution for back pain relief and worth for money.

  146. AnkitJainAnkitJain

    must buy the product it is very comfortable. I am using the belt while working as i sit on chair in front of desktop. my back posture is now correct and my back is pain less

  147. Aishwarya

    I am getting pain relief as it support my shoulder and back its a best product for lower back upper back and support entire spinal cord. Bought one for myself just to try and must say it does work. Although if you tighten it too much it might hurt after using for long hours continuously at the armpits and shoulders.. However if used for around 30 mins or so it’s comfortable and does the job. The magnets also help in improving blood circulation (as read in certain articles online regarding benefits of magnets). I would recommend this product. My only concern is if the delivery can be done sooner. I would suggest to go for this product as I was suffering from neck pain since last one year as I have started using this product I am getting pain relief as it support my shoulder and back its a best product for lower back upper back and support entire spinal cord….worth product

  148. SangeetaBhosale

    Nice and useful product…love the quality…and very effective on back postures.go for it you want to correct your back posture… best

  149. VandanaSingh

    I used it for continuous 1 and 1/2 hours in gym..It just perfectised my posture and also felt well..


    Benefits really awesome fantastic my back pain problem solved thank you my friend suggested me to use

  151. soumanti

    It works well as a back support but not spine support

  152. Neha

    This is the best supporting product I have ever used.. giving so much comfort n relax to body. It’s a best pain relief and giving best stretch to body.Must used. At least try once

  153. UrmilaAnand

    It’s good for those who have sitting long time in front of the computer. It’s help to maintain the perfect sitting position.value for money.Buy if you have back issues..

  154. AbhaKumari

    Very worthy for money and it really helps to maintain good posture very safe to use at home using this for a couple of days we can see a best results.. Good product to buy..

  155. Aakarsh Gupta

    At first, I didn’t find it useful. But after using it for long hours a couple of times, I think this is a good buy.The bending becomes very uncomfortable but it’s obvious. The main goal is to keep your posture straight and it surely helps in achieving it.

  156. Aarti

    It’s cheap and best product for back pain

  157. Abhijeet b

    After received i immediately use it good quality , look comfortable , good fit on me . Overall very good product.

  158. Adarsh C K

    It is easy to wear and comfortable for daily usage …

  159. adeeb thaha

    I have used after delivary to correct my posture.

  160. Adil

    Provide good back support and relief pain.Only thing is it slides up belly while sitting

  161. Aditya

    The product is really awesome,it gives perfect support to the back and it is also comfortable when we sit and stand .

  162. Afridi

    I was so excited about this. I attempted to put it on. I adjusted around the shoulders. This is really so nice that i just can’t believe that it can fix my biggest problem Ќthank you

  163. ajay prajapat

    This product have genuine photos on website and fit nicely. I was in a doubt about the quality before placing the order but when I got the order the quality is superb and fit nicely. Give you a comfortable and steady look and correct your posture.

  164. Akash chaudhary

    This product is very comfortable and fit for my borther… he sit properly and study for hours thnkew…

  165. Akash Raj

    bought this product majorly for posture improvement and back pain due to long working hours and desk job. This product really helps to straighten the back while working and prevents backaches.its Very helpful and highly recommended. And worth the money.

  166. Anand

    I am already using this product and seems to give result. So I purchased anothe one for my sisterThis is worth for money and very easy to use, for delivered before 2 days from estimated delivery date

  167. ankitarawat

    Love the product, really effective for back pain , easy to carry and easy to wear and no problem.

  168. Ankush

    Nice product and very helpful. I ordered this product for my brother and he is very comfortable wearing this. It helps in relaxation from long day work sitting on the table. Overall it’s very helpful.

  169. Anoop k nhangattiri


  170. Anuj Kumar


  171. AnuRetchagan

    This is a amazing product for spinal problems is a gift for me as it supports my back and correct my posture.

  172. Aparna

    A good product for back support. Can be adjusted to suit the place where position needs correction.

  173. arun kumar

    Good product

  174. Avani kumari

    It’s good for back pain and position making. Go for it guys

  175. Avinash B.

    Good purchase

  176. Brijesh

    I recently purchased the Sifoz Free Size Posture Corrector and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The product arrived promptly and was easy to assemble. I was impressed by the quality of the materials used and how comfortable the product felt while wearing it.I have been using the Sifoz posture corrector for a few weeks now and have already noticed a significant improvement in my posture. The adjustable straps allowed me to find the perfect fit, and the back support helped to keep my shoulders back and my spine aligned. I also appreciate how discreet the posture corrector is when wearing it under my clothing.Overall, I highly recommend the Sifoz Free Size Posture Corrector to anyone looking to improve their posture. It’s a great investment for anyone who spends long hours sitting at a desk or suffers from back pain due to poor posture. Thank you, Sifoz, for creating such a fantastic product!

  177. chetan shah

    The brace is great for support and posture correction but it can slide up the back if not correctly tightened. I have bought 2 for my family members as well.

  178. Col PK Das

    Very useful product. i am using it full day n it’s very comfortable. The gest part is its not fir posture correction even i am feeling relax from back pain also

  179. Damandeep

    Very comfortable and pain relief productVery comfortableValuable for money

  180. Demo Sharma

    The belt i receive have very lower quality cloth used in this when i wear this then i am feeling very hurtful its like a waste material

  181. dharmesh

    Comfortable to wear but belt is thick so uncomfortable to wear and hide under the clothes

  182. Dia

    It’s really helpful for correction of posture.

  183. Dipro Banerjee

    The overall structure ,alignment and comfort is good

  184. Dishant Singh Rajpali

    The product is really upto the mark, it keeps body posture correct and just how it should be, my back pain really got some relief after I started using this, I would highly recommend this product to everyone! Also needless to say it’s really comfortable to wear and quality also is very nice!

  185. Divya choudhary

    Product is good.

  186. Divya Karthik

    I’m so satisfied with this belt . I had back pain ,now it’s gone and it’s improved my poster too.

  187. Dr Rahul yadav

    Value for money

  188. faizal t.p

    Very good product.. Improved quality item.. Good packaging.. Useful one..

  189. Famkima Nampui

    The product was in good and perfect condition and the quality is very good

  190. farooq ali

    Product quality is very good. But we purchased based on image assuming it is for lower back support and posture correction. However it doesn’t serve that purpose

  191. Gopinathan

    This product was very helpful to correct your back’s arrived without any damage and the packing was damage free

  192. Gourav Bajaj

    the posture nd the back pain all set

  193. Govind singh

    Posture corrector really saved my sore back. After years of continuing on with the day to day comings and going in my life, posture naturally fell to the back of my mind. I hunched as I played with my children, I slouched as I folded laundry late at night, and bent down countless times to pick up toys and garbage from the floor. I was so busy taking care of all the things that seemed so important and my back silently came along for the ride. Until one day it didnt. I woke up one morning and my entire upper back was burning, years or wear and tear began protesting. I was in so much pain, I couldnt figure out what to do with myself. It was my grandson that suggested that maybe a posture corrector would be the solution. Thankfully onlinecrave was able to deliver it with in a week , and I immediately began wearing it. I cant say magic happened over night, but I followed the instructions exactly, and the more I wore it, the more it became second nature for me. I still wear it for an hour each day when I do my yoga exercise, and I feel the difference the whole day.Now I am on top of my children, making sure they either wear a posture corrector or concentrate on their posture throughout the day. I dont want them to suffer like I did.I will order a second corrector to wear while the other one is in the wash.It truly lives up to its name. Its truly Comfy. The material is soft so it doesnt hurt me, but its sturdy enough to maintain straight posture. It is adjustable so it can fit practically anyone, from my petite daughter, to my grandson who is a basketball player. It looks like its pretty well constructed and can withstand quite a bit of regular wear and tear.I highly recommend this posture corrector to people of all ages. Young ones take advantage before its too late, and the older fellows take advantage of the pain relief this will provide.

  194. Hrishikesh Pednekar

    I have bad posture, due to which i get back pain…Follow the instructions mentioned to get the maximum benifit.I’ll leave an update after 1 month of using this product.

  195. Jay Kaneria

    The product quality was good. The straps that are used stick properly and wearing it while working helps.

  196. Jayabalan


  197. Jean Michel Mujyambere

    I recently purchased the Sifoz Free Size Posture Corrector For Men And Women and I am really pleased with the results. It is comfortable and fits perfectly, providing excellent back and shoulder support. Within only a few days I began to notice an improvement in my posture, and I have a noticeable decrease in the amount of back pain I have been experiencing. Overall, this product was definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive solution to correcting improper posture.Most importantly, the product has helped me to finally alleviate my back pain. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish, and effective posture corrector.

  198. Jeyanth C R


  199. jitender

    In starting it’s gives very good results, your shoulder become straight, but after some days usedIt’s very looseU have to tighten your self again and againOther wise it’s very good

  200. Jodha

    It’s good and comfortable

  201. jogendra

    I am using this corrector. I can see there is a slight change in my body style. The best part is the shoulder belts. There are soft & doesn’t hurt. I have tried other products but others create an itch problem around the shoulders. Also the belt around the waist is also comfortable. Overall a good product and hopefully it will be useful for a longer term This posture corrector works great for me. I have to stay straight when I wear it, there is no other choice:) Highly recommend it!

  202. Jyothi

    Nice comfort value for money best in market.

  203. Kamal


  204. kanuj

    It’s comfortable and very good quality.

  205. Kareem Khan

    It’s amazing……I had pain in my back,neck since a long time…..wearing it for 1-2hrs a day really helps

  206. Keshavzoie

    I have also purchased the belt from other but it’s posture belt was fantastic. I loved this very much. It is very comfortable than other posture belt which I have used before. I will highly recommand this product to that people whose posture is not right/ straight.

  207. Khushi Pandey

    It’s actually very good product for back pain especially and also helps to correct your back posture but is a little uncomfortable like you can’t bend your back to pick up something but overall a good product. I’ve been using it for 3 days and it’s a very great product for the price.

  208. Kiran Vijay

    I am sad to see that this product has changed from last year to the one i purchased this time. The previous year same part had 2 plates strips vs this new model had a very very rigid plate causing more discomfort than relief.Size wise the dimensions are same but the addition of a big stiff plate instead of smaller plates are the reason for higher discomfort. Not everyones back is as curved as the plate inserted so doesnt make sense to buy this after they changed the product this year

  209. KirtiKirti

    I loved the product it gave relief in my back pain and cervical too. Would recommend it for sure.

  210. krishnanand singh

    Good quality

  211. Kshitij v.

    This belt is best in giving comfort.

  212. Kunal

    Good product and useful for back.

  213. Kunal Banthia

    Went for this product and when it arrived was very impressed with its quality and finishing. The seller has taken extra care to educate the user on how to use the product and for what duration.A bonus of this product is that after wearing you start looking like one of the RAW agents from YRF movies and my twins started saying Papa Pathaan ban gaye! 😉

  214. LipuLipu

    The idea of this product is very good, the product is also good, but it can be improved.If you design this product with thigh holding , i think this product may be more effective.Now the problem is, the waist holding portion slipped upward.

  215. madhuri

    Very great product and comfortable to wear. Helps in relieving back pain.

  216. Maharshi

    quality is good… comfortable.

  217. Manish Pangaonkar

    The media could not be loaded.  Very good Product

  218. manish rasiklal shah

    For poisture

  219. Manoj Kumar

    Best product

  220. Manosai V.

    Nice Product.

  221. Manvesh

    The product is very good .it helps me a lot

  222. Md ikram

    Good 👍

  223. murali dhara

    Good product value for money.. 👍

  224. murtunjaya giri

    I was having back pain issue due to long sitting on computer. I’m using this product for long time. It’s nice product same as shown in pics. Can go for it.

  225. Nakshatra

    Good product it will improve your posture ultimately your backpain will also go away[to some extent]

  226. Narsing


  227. naseer

    I have struggled and suffered from back pain for most of my life. I remember being in school and my backpack being so heavy sometimes, that it was hard to carry on my back. I would have to rotate it from my back to my front while walking to or from school. The pain would be so intense sometimes it would distract me from class. All my brain could concentrate on was the burning and tingling sensation in my neck and in between my shoulder blades. I would try to massage it to relieve the pain but it was never enough

  228. Navu sharma


  229. Neelakshi Singla

    The product is much more good than I thought. Give full support to my back and shoulders

  230. neeraj

    This product is keep making me to stay in right posture whenever I am humped. Actually you can adjust the arm straps until you feel comfortable. After I has this corrector I feel my shoulders getting pulled back, my spine straightening. I This product reminds you of proper posture and helps to keep you in the correct position. The material is great quality. It is easy to put on and take off and the under arm padding that they have used makes it comfortable to wear. Great product.

  231. Nikita reddy

    Yes, for backpain have purchased it

  232. NikitaGoel

    Very good quality belt. It has helped me in my back pain a lot . the belt helped me in Correcting my posture. Also easy and comfortable to wear

  233. Niraj

    It does what it says

  234. Niranjan

    I purchased this because I read some of the customer reviews. They were not wrong. I tend to slouch when sitting at my desk and I’m also large chested. I frequently have pain in my back. Wearing this helps so much. I do not wear every day but If I have to be at my desk for an extended period of time or I’m going to be standing for an extended period of time, I wear it. My only complaint is that I wish the straps were a little longer. I am on the bigger side so getting this on on my own is possible but would be easier if the straps were a little longer. I have worn under and over clothing. I find it’s more comfortable over clothing. I have longer hair so it’s basically unnoticeable when worn with a darker shirt. Love this and purchasing a second for my daughter.

  235. Nirmal Traders

    Good product

  236. Nisha chavda

    Good product

  237. Nishtha

    It is of good quality but I think that 500 is little too much for this product

  238. Nitin singh

    Received the posture corrector belt this morning. Easy to wear and provides immediate posture correction. Helped relieve my lower back pain. Comfortable, but may take time to get used to wearing it. Good value for money and the size fits right.

  239. Noorul Islam

    Overall good product and satisfied, but feeling little discomfort in armpit during long time usage.

  240. Nupur

    Must buy it friends belt quality is awesome go for buy it 🤩

  241. Om Shanti

    This vest is NOT the healing solution for your problem but will give you support in your body posture to reduce pain. The most important thing is to work on good and strong muscles in your body, like doing gym and yoga, so that later on your own body muscle support will give you a good posture without back and neck pain.

  242. pankaj kumar

    The brace is solidly constructed and actually FEELS GOOD to wear. Materials and craftsman ship are on-par with the best knee brace I ever had. comfortable enough to add to my day without feeling like it’s not doing anything This brace almost immediately relieved my pain by making me hold my back and shoulders in the right posture. It helps to use the brace to guide you into the proper posture and start maintaining the correct posture yourself.

  243. Pankaj Sopan Malunjkar

    Received product is very useful and it’s quality is also superb…!!!

  244. Paresh Gaikwad

    Not enough pain relief

  245. Parv Tyagi

    I tried several belts. But this one is awesome my doctor prescribed me this. And I am happy to buy this.

  246. Pavan Paga

    It’s a good product, but to wear for long time, it will be stressful.

  247. Piyush

     helps in gainng good posture , and faster injury recovery , easy to wear and very comfortable .

  248. Piyush Mahapatra

    Good product.

  249. Pradeep Kumar Das

    Good quality and fit

  250. Pragati

    The product is comfortable and comes in a good quality!!!

  251. Prasad G.

    Good Product. Gives ample support to back when you desktop work..

  252. Prateek Gupta

    It took about 6 minutes to figure out how to put it on. The directions weren’t the easiest to understand but I got it after a little bit :)My immediate impression once it was on was great. It brought me back to my wedding day. I wore a strapless dress that hugged me tight. It had a built in corset that you laced up in the back. This feels the same around your waist. I like that feeling. It could be used for weight loss too-haha! Just wear it while eating dinner and you won’t overeat.It pulls your shoulders back to give you perfect posture. I love the way I feel wearing it! The directions state to wear it for only 30 minutes the first day. I set a timer and stuck to that time limit even though I really didn’t want to take it off. The next few times I wore it I experienced the same thing. I loved wearing it and didn’t want to take it off. The 3rd time, I increased to an hour as with the 4th and subsequent times. Every time, I wore it over clothes. The packaging says not to let the fabric touch your skin so I find it would be hard to wear it layered under your clothes discreetly. I did try it once on top of a camisole under a long sleeve teeshirt (see pictures). I found it to be less comfortable that way in the armpit area but not so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear it. I give this product 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👌For reference, I ordered a medium. I’m 5′ 7″, 140lbs, 28″ waist, 36″ bust, 38″ hips and it fits perfectly.

  253. priyanka bakshi

    It gives back a proper support. Pain relief in back and supports it really nicely. Do buy it

  254. Raghav

    Quite convenient and easy to don. Helps with the posture too. Follow the instructions for best results

  255. Raghav Dhandharia

    I bought this product majorly for posture improvement due to long working hours and desk job. This product really helps to straighten the back while working and prevents backaches due to stooped posture. I am wearing it while working on my laptop and it helps me sit in a straight posture. Very helpful and highly recommended.

  256. Rahul D

    Value for money

  257. Rahul Ranjan

    I bought this product mainly for posture improvement due to long working hours and desk job. This product really helps to straighten the back while working and prevents backaches due to stooped posture. I am wearing it while working on my laptop and it helps me sit in a straight posture. Very helpful and highly recommended.


    The product was good and supporting the cause of buying it.. Its supporting the back and reducing the back pain

  259. Rakesh rawat

    1.The product itself completely satisfied its name posture correction belt, it improve to correct it upper back posture.2. Prolonged period of use is not recommended as it started making uncomfortable.3. Used and Recommended for initial phase of pain.4. Gud product first use than review.

  260. Raksha Mecwan

    It is really helpful to me

  261. ramyasri

    Usefull for posture correction.

  262. Randell Dsouza

    I ordered and used this posture corrector past week and I’m satisfied with my purchase, I had an old one that really hurt my underarms but this one is so soft and comfortable, the other good thing about it is that it has a wide back part so it makes it different than the other one that I had and makes it more effective and supportive, it remains straight and does not lean forward!!be aware that the sizes are different than what you wear, you should measure your upper waist, my measurement was something between medium and large so based on the description in photo I choosed the larger one and it fitted the best!

  263. Rapthadu Chandra


  264. Roshni sikri

    I work from home on the computer so my posture has taken a major toll over the years! I have started to develop the dreaded “computer hump” due to my hunched over posture. I honestly didn’t notice it until recently and once I noticed it, it really started to bother me and make me feel self conscious. I have also been experiencing upper back pain for several years, mainly due to being hunched over a keyboard all day. I did some research online and came across these posture correctors. Seemed simple enough, I figured why not? It did take some getting used to as my body is obviously quite used to its ugly, incorrect posture!!! There was a little soreness the first few times I wore it but that quickly went away. Now I find that my back pain almost completely goes away when I am wearing this!!! It definitely helps with that. It’s too soon to tell if it will help correct my computer hump. I’m really hoping it helps with that!!

  265. Sagar

    One major flaw is… You need someone to ensure this is fit correctly. Once set correct… It does the job. If you are overweight and have fat around waist… This will bother you. It tends to push out all the fat once you are fitted with it. So if you put on a shirt on top of this, it may leave a unsightly ponch if you are overweight. Keeps the shoulders and back straight. But you cannot use it for more than 90 mins… I have cannot bear it more than an hour and keep using it as needed.

  266. Sakshi Chaudhary

    For first few days this is so uncomfortable but if someone is following this for 21 days (3 weeks ) you will definitely sees the resultsAnd also this very good support and if looking for comfort you can go with this product .good luck out there embrace your confidence ♥️

  267. Samad

    Excellent product

  268. Saman Zainab

    This posture belt made my back posture too good and make me more confident in public to stand and talk.. Before i hesitate to to stand in public because of my bad posture. Thankyou for this product.

  269. Samapan S

    The spinal support product provided by Kossto with magnetic stripes along the spine is useful though if you are looking for only lower back support it is recommended that you use a lower back support belt instead. This product is more efficient to prevent slouching and posture correction than relieving or supporting lower back pain issues. The only challenge I found is that there is a median or gap in the middle where your spine is supposed to be which can be corrected by providing ribbed padding at the lower back portion. Other than that the product is comfortable, user friendly when it comes to wearability and also does not allow you to slouch. Thus, it assists in long term spinal well being than an individual like me who suffers from lower back injury like I do, due to which my lower back is comparatively weakened.

  270. Sameer

    It’s comfortable to use and the size is good. It’ll correct the back posture, just don’t tighten it much as it’ll affect blood circulation.

  271. Sandip Pawar

    Nice and useful

  272. Sanjay

    This belt gives an excellent support to lumbar spine..Comfortable to wear this posture corrector actually helped my back and can be easily adjusted with the velcros. We can get a good control regarding how tight we want the belt to be without a mess with the straps. They feel very durable, comfy, and easy to clean. This belt is also thin, I was able to wear it underneath my clothes at home and to work, and nobody noticed that I have this thing underneath. So I am very happy with the belt.

  273. santosh singh

    It is a good product . very helpful for maintaining the right posture.

  274. Sapna pundir

    This product is really good if you want to improve your posture. specially for rounded shoulders.

  275. Satish Arora


  276. Saurabh kumar

    Fabulous product at this price range i loved itSince from 2months i have pain in my backbone but now I feel comfort from when i used this product

  277. Shah Priyansh

    The quality seems good. It might pain a little while adopting it’s usage but you’ll get used to it gradually

  278. Shankar

    Very very helpful thank you 🙏

  279. Shenthan

    After wearing this belt my back pain which usually comes after walking a lot and other work has stopped. If you adjust the belt accordingly it will be quit comfortable. But, if when I kept it too tight… I had problem while eating (So adviced to kot wear while you eat)

  280. Shikhar

    Quality and fit are amazing, product material is very nice as well. Overall very satisfied with the product and price

  281. Shipra Mittal

    This posture corrector seems to do the job and is decently comfortable. I initially thought that the recommended break-in use times seemed low, so kept it on for several hours, which left me a bit sore, so I know it’s working to rebalance and straighten my posture. I would recommend wearing in short periods initially, as they suggest on packaging, but I am very happy with the product. Although the size guide suggested a size medium, I wish I had ordered a large merely for the backplate, which seems a bit small on me and makes the straps more prone to going into my armpits. All in all it serves the needed purpose, here is to better posture and hopefully less pain!

  282. Shivansh Singh

    I basically used this for my back posture. I think it did really helped me. My posture improved in just 2 days, I’m really greatful for this product.

  283. Shruti Kanwar

    It’s a steady and useful products provides good support

  284. Shubham

    Product is very good as mentioned in the photo, material is also good, it helps in maintaining the body posture, you can wear it under t shirts & shirts, size is also perfect & products looks same as mentioned in website

  285. Siddharth j.

    Nice comfort, just the comfort could be increased till waist otherwise it’s a good product

  286. sivaramakrishna.chitiyala

    Good back support

  287. Sk Anowar sahid

    I have been using this product for a little more than a week now. At first it was a little uncomfortable, as they have explained. It took a day or two to be used to this product. But once I got used to I felt that the product is improving my posture. The way it works for me is that when I wear it the elastic pulls your shoulders backwards and after few days my posture automatically was tuned to that.

  288. sky

    Overall good, if I could get variety in size and some other mechanism than straps since they lose grip quickly that would be great.

  289. Smita wairkar

    It’s nice and feel comfortable

  290. Sonal

    Amazing quality go for buy it

  291. Sourav

    This helps a lot in posture correction. It helps in keeping the back straight while sitting or walking. Although, can be a bit uncomfortable when you try to jog but overall very good. Material is good and proper value for money.

  292. Sudhanshu shrivastava

    Nice product

  293. Sudhir Tomar

    My brother gifted me this product which gives you the results as claimed. Built quality and material quite good at this affordable price. Very effective for posture correction and can wear it inside shirt for daily use

  294. Sufiyan

    It is great product… arrived in perfect condition, i have a bad posture and I can see the improvements myself while using this.

  295. Sumaiyya Usmani

    The product is really good and works well. I liked the build quality and the price in which I got the product.


    Very good product. After using this product I am getting back my confidence.

  297. Suyesh Tiwari

    I liked the build quality and the price in which I got the product. It helps a lot while working hours, sitting on a chair. Would definitely recommend trying it once.

  298. Tarun Mittal

    Received Product in good condition,Quality of product is very goodHelpful for back relief,

  299. uday pagar

    Releif after wearing product

  300. Umar s.

    The product has Good Quality, stretchable, and comfy.

  301. Utkarsh Srivastava

    It will be itchy if you dont wear an undergarment. Support is great much better than yoga belts.

  302. Vanshita

    It’s really amazing i buy for my farther it’s really helpful for back – shoulder pain and easy to wear

  303. VARUN

    It does what it says it does, hold your shoulders back to proper posture. This is a great way to form better muscle memory. I wore it for about 20 minutes at a time and noticed that after I took it off it seemed more natural to keep my posture correct. I cannot attest to how effective it is for back pain but I know proper posture is essential. It goes pretty much under your armpits so this won’t be great for sweaty situations. If you have trouble taking it on and off try putting it on over your head and shoulders. This way you don’t have to unfasten the straps and readjust (or torque your shoulders).Overall this thing is pretty affordable at this price point and I wear it while at my desk or watching tv so I don’t slouch like I normally do. This is my honest review after trying it for a few weeks

  304. venu

    This product is some what good for posture correction. But you may feel pain at arms and feel heavy when you take food with belt.

  305. Vijay agrawal

    Good product for back pain as well as for posture correction.

  306. VikIsHere

    I am from IT field and we have to sit at a streach of atleast 10 hours with few breaks. Which inturn after a period of time gives us a back pain. Hence I thought let’s try out posture correction and see if it works. I have used it for just 1 hour and i could feel the difference. Initially you feel a bit strain on your shoulders but after 2-3 days it becomes normal. Quality of the product is good. Totally worth the price. I recommend this product who sit long hours and who are having back issues

  307. VIKRANT

    I’m using this product since last 40 Days and results are amazing in terms of comfort, pain relief and value of money.

  308. Vinay Mehta

    My shoulders were both rolling forward and in the long run it would lead to a curved spine and more pain in the long run, so I wanted to get something that would help me train myself to sit straight and not roll my shoulders or my back. I started using this product for about 10-15 mins on the first day felt super weird and kinda uncontrollable to wear. After the first couple mins you sorta get used to it keeping me straight it felt uncomfortable and more of an effort to roll my shoulders forward or sit with bad posture.The material and fabric is soft so it doesjt bother my skin but I think it would be noticable under clothes unless it was a baggy sweater or something.I’m happy with this product and I’ve noticed a difference with my posture and I’m more conscious of how I’m sitting and I’ve even noticed how it’s supporting and keeping my shoulder back ( it was rolling forward because if the injury) I think it will definitely help with my shoulder pain and overall

  309. Vinita

    Posture correction

  310. Vipul

    My back is hurting due to long seating hours in office. My therapist suggested me posture belt and I was looking a quality product but my findings has been completed now.Also I would like to update after long term uses and I will keep 1 star for later.⭐⭐⭐⭐


    It’s amazing what correct posture can do for the rest of the body.And it was super comfortable. It does take some getting used to. I wore it 2 hours the first time, and then gradually went up in how many hours I use. So far I have seen that my posture is much better while I have it off.After using this back support straightener, the pain is relieved. It strongly support my back and helps me maintain a stable posture, especially we I am working before my PC. Also, the design of this product is great, I never feel constriction or sour when using it. Highly recommended if you also suffering back pain


    It’s completely full fill my requirement

  313. Vishal yadav

    Good quality

  314. Vivek sinha


  315. Vj sai

    This product is awesome and pain relief. I love this product

  316. VRB S.


  317. Wadud hussain

    The product is good and comfortable….i think it literally helping me in comforting my back

  318. Yuri

    Pain relief is much better than the normal waist belt. Good support for lumber vertebrae .Good product for back pain, easy to move around , appropriate, for people with long working hours while sitting, the shoulder straps are sufficiently long enough for appropriate waist size , and the metal bars provide sturdier support

  319. Zafar Mohammad Basha

    The quality of this product is very good.It is comfortable and it fits perfectly.It is worth to buy this product at this price and most use full for backpain and riding sports bikes

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