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Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads 4 Pieces


(337 customer reviews)

✅ Reduces Movement

✅ Non Slippery Pads

✅ Protects Floor

✅ Reduces Noise

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Vibrate Washer Dryer Anti Vibration Pads with Suction Cup Feet, Fridge Washing Machine Levelling Feet Anti Walk Pads Shock Absorber Furniture Lifting Base (4 Piece)

IMPROVED ANTI-VIBRATION – Reduce the vibration on your machine by placing these rubber pads underneath your washing machine feet. These antivibration pads are designed with high-strength durometer rubber to absorb impact and lessen the amount of noise and shaking during the spin cycle.

More Stable – This pad has the effect of shock absorption, noise reduction anti-vibration. The smoother the ground the stronger the grip. And it won’t scratch your floor.

Heybuyer™ Non - Vibration Rubber Washing Machine Feet Pads ( PACK OF 4

Height & Levelling – Raise Furniture and home appliances by a few centimeters are for effectively preventing moisture and better ventilation and cleaning.

Heybuyer™ Non - Vibration Rubber Washing Machine Feet Pads ( PACK OF 4

Easy to install – Just install under the feet of a washing machine or dryer no tool or messy adhesive is required. After installation, your furniture and home appliances are raised by a few centimeters for convenient cleaning and preventing moisture.

Heybuyer™ Non - Vibration Rubber Washing Machine Feet Pads ( PACK OF 4

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 10 cm

337 reviews for Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads 4 Pieces

  1. Bharath

    I like to use for washing machine but quality is quite not good.

  2. Vikas S.

    Work as promised.Material quality is of high grade. Absolutely Justify the price.

  3. krishnanand singh

    Total the product which was supplied on my order is very much useful and worthwhile please

  4. Srini D

    We had this problem of washing machine moving around the floor during the spin cycle. This product helped to anchor the washing machine properly on the floor.


    The media could not be loaded.  Expected rubber type. But it is of plastic. But working good.

  6. Kareem Khan

    Sturdy and best value for money

  7. Mohmad Amin najar

    it does not fit in my ur claim that it fits every washing macine is just a trape .

  8. Aiman

    Best for avny type of washing machine..

  9. divya

    The product came with four steady feet. Easy to install and use. Compared to a stand, the feet work better.Not sure about the 4 rubber balls that came with the feet.

  10. adeeb thaha

    A must buy product

  11. ashokkumar

    overall good

  12. sneha

    this product is most useful and important for washing machine and I found that one and it has good quality thank you!

  13. Dhiru mal

    It is good product

  14. suresh

    As expected

  15. Pranali jadhav

    Good product and service

  16. faizal t.p

    Not a expected size

  17. Naeem Patel

    Good 👍

  18. Paul

    One hell of a product… go for it!If your washing machine decides to go for a walk when switched on, then this is a must buy because my problem was solved instantly I installed this product.

  19. jogendra

    So far so good

  20. sarita

    Worked well for my LG front load washing machine. Now I have zero sound and no movement. Really liked the product.

  21. hardik dave

    Product quality is nice. Perfectly fit my washing machine. Value for money

  22. Tamilarasu K

    Very good product and easy to install.

  23. Rajesh Gorai

    This anti vibration pads for washing machine is amazing product. It’s pads absorb vibration and reduce it and prevent from sliding on the floor. It also reduce noise during running. Easy to install any one can do it.

  24. Kunal Banthia

    Usefully product


    Good Shock Absorber

  26. Harshita

    Front loading washing machine

  27. Keshavzoie

    Suits best for my washing machine

  28. Iqra Fatima Ansari

    Product is ok

  29. ajay prajapat

    Best option in place of iron stand

  30. prabhu

    Worth of buying it and it does for what we pay for it.

  31. KaviyaKarthikeyan

    Easy to install. No shaking.

  32. Manoj Kumar

    Very good product worth for money working very well

  33. Anand

    Excellent product vth good suction power

  34. Riyaz Tadvi

    I purchase this Anti-Vibration stand for my Washing Machine which was having problems of heavy vibration and machine shifting by more than a feet distance during operation.After using the Anti-Vibration Pads, the machine vibration is totally eliminated and there is also no movement of the Machine from its is performing very well

  35. Pradip chandra Ghosh

    Very good product.

  36. Chandramohan

    I liked the product very well. But didn’t know what is the use of this red rubber four pieces came along with the packet of anti vibration pad. Kindly if possible anyone can explain

  37. rakesh

    very hard metrial with soft case easy to use its best product for my washing machine after installing this its very comfertable in this price range its good deal

  38. AnuRetchagan

    First time use

  39. ch Sandeep

    Help full product. Thank you

  40. Ubaid Ahmed

    I found this product worthy. Material used is strong and great quality. Honestly I expected suction will be strong, rubber suction quality should be improved.

  41. Siddesh T S

    I like the product

  42. Ashu

    Hey guys I bought them recently and same day of delivery,i installed thm. Thy are very user friendly and easy to install.niw while running my machine doesn’t slip n no vibrations at all. A nice quality product.must buy

  43. Hospital Global

    Liked. Working as per my expectations

  44. Hemanth

    This build quality is so good more than I’ve expected and it works well for shaking machine

  45. Raj S.

    Very useful. Must give a try.

  46. Sriharsha

    I like the product. I installed for my washing machine. East to install & worth for money. I recommend for the buyers.

  47. Gaurav

    This Anti Vibration Pads i have used for my Washing Machine and it fits very well on my automatic washing machine. It has given stability to my machine which wasnt there in traditional trolley its Shock Absorber are really of nice quality because of it Cancells the noise. And its Suction Cup Feet, Prevent Moving Shaking gives great Support to machine which eventually increase life of Washing machine motor.


    Very good

  49. kawlchuani pachuau

    I like it,surely recommended

  50. Dipro Banerjee

    Machine vibrates rigorously in between

  51. Dhananjay

    Good to use .hold the machine no vibration

  52. Anand Agasty

    Good but machine still vibrates

  53. Col PK Das

    It actually works

  54. Nakshatra

    Vibrations in the machine have decreased after using the product

  55. Dr.Sreeja

    Nice product…value for money

  56. Sunder Srinivasan

    It worked maybe 60-70% fine for my IFB front load 6kg model…. Every few days it does turn around 90°… But that’s fine…

  57. gopalbhaduri

    Size is small

  58. sriharisrihari

    Nice and comfortable

  59. Anup Gupta

    Very good product.suitable for all washing machine.quality wise also good

  60. Saurabh verma

    I am using and it’s my day 1 after product delivered, very good product,, Now my washing machine vibration problem is solved, no more noise, only one thing is to keep it out from trauli kyuki pahle trauli me lagaya to noise kr ri thi machine but without trauli abb sahi hai baaki space bhi pura hai safai ke liye

  61. Mupparty Putraiah

    Good product

  62. Madhuri Anil Magar

    I am very happy with this product..I am using 1200rpm washing machine, when it runs very strong vibrations and noise are generated.. after using this boots all vibrations get absorbed and no noise is there at all..

  63. Ajitesh Pandey

    Delivery and pakage good

  64. Ganesh


  65. bhanusai

    Good product

  66. Dr Rahul yadav

    Nice product with less material. Hard and compact. Serve the purpose.

  67. Sandip

    Value for money

  68. shimjith

    Easy to instal

  69. Avinash Asthana

    Having spent a lot of money earlier on washing machine stands which became basically useless after a few months, I discovered this simple & dirt cheap anti vibration pad which is so effective !Difficult to believe that it actually works.Buy it, don’t waste money on stands.

  70. Anand Sarasambi

    I had ordered it for Bosch fully automatic front Load Washing Machine.Definitely it is not suited for such heavy weight washing machines.Rather than returning it, I had used for my refrigerator.Average quality.

  71. Nancharaiah P

    The product was used for washing machine

  72. Sanu A

    Easy to install,easy to assemble, affordable, durable

  73. Divya Karthik

    Nice and perfect holders for the washing machine.



  75. Sivaraman

    Nice Product for front load washing machine

  76. B.V.MURTHY

    Easy to use.

  77. SasiSasi

    Easy to fit for use and comfortable in washing machine and convient too for movement at homes.. i suggest to buy.

  78. raja

    Great and excellent product

  79. Akshay Soygaonkar

    Good Quality

  80. Raj

    Good quality, excellent finish meets pupose! Easy to install too!!

  81. Arif

    My washing machine is 9kgs and these holders do the job well by holding machine at its place even when it spins at 1400rpm. Good item, go for it.

  82. Pramod Kumar

    My LG front load washing machine used to move on granite platform during spinning cycle. I used this device and it did wonders. No undue movement plus reduced noise on account of vibration.

  83. zahra

    Nice product to use, came in handy

  84. Aparna

    Found the device useful for my LG front load washing machine

  85. Kishore


  86. Narsing

    Waiting for this product


    The media could not be loaded.  Used the pads for washing machineProduct is of good quality easy to install and use

  88. murali dhara

    Very useful and affordable


    No vibration, easy to use

  90. Amolkumar

    Overall good product

  91. Kshitij v.

    Useful product

  92. Viswanath

    Excellent product. Very happy with the performace. Was tired of the stands as they used to move while washing machine was in spin mode. Recommended

  93. Huzaifa Bohra

    Value for Money

  94. Manosai V.

    Very good product, can be purchased with full confidence, didn’t know such a product is available

  95. Angela

    Good one

  96. ashwath

    Good product

  97. arun kumar

    Good Durability

  98. Damandeep

    It worked as was advertised and serves the purpose.

  99. madhuri

    Verry good product

  100. Nikhil Bhagat

    I had no expectations from this product because I used these types of anti vibration pads before but these pads works pretty good. There are no sliding and wobbling from washing machine after installing it.

  101. Romil S.

    Good product

  102. Ramarao

    The media could not be loaded.  Like it. Is being used to absorb the vibrations of washing machine

  103. Rangineni Srinivas

    The media could not be loaded.  Excellent

  104. Yogendra Singh patel

    Like this product fit for top load washing machine

  105. Somu

    Easy to install, washing machine does not shake , good product

  106. Famkima Nampui


  107. Gopinathan

    overall good

  108. Neelakshi Singla

    Worth it

  109. Sweta

    Really work

  110. Navu sharma

    Works what said…strong and durable…

  111. Jeyanth C R

    Producut is very nice & good

  112. himani singh

    Perfect height fixed the water drainage problem of my washing machine.

  113. Divya choudhary

    Nice , absorbing vibration

  114. Ram bathina

    This is good productEasy to installedWorking good

  115. Ramankutty Nair

    Very easy to install

  116. Arvind Kumar

    Good effective support for washing machine

  117. Kamal

    Solves the purpose

  118. R R V Reddy

    It’s very costly.

  119. Sravya

    The product is nice. I bought it for washing machine. Its not that much shaking like before. Its good for normal washing machines. I suggest better go for this kind of products instead of wheel stands.

  120. Jatindra

    Item easily fits to washing machine

  121. Mehedi M.

    Nice product with less material. Hard and compact. Serve the purpose.

  122. Rishi

    This product is great!

  123. Pratik Patel


  124. Raja

    I like product vibration pad for washing machine , and delivery is also best

  125. parasuram

    Easy to install. Light weight but good

  126. Syeda NuzhatSyeda Nuzhat

    Very good product.

  127. PULKIT dhamija

    The product is very useful and easy to install much better than metallic stand especially for front load lg washing machine.

  128. Lakshay



    I tried many things to stop my 8kg ifb fully automatic machine shaking but nothing worked for me. But this 400-500 product does the magic and my machine is operating very smoothly its been few months now no problem at all.Thumbs up for this product.

  130. Pranav navangul

    Very good product,. I am using it from 3 month, quality is good, also seller is very supportive, fast delivery too

  131. mukesh uniyal

    Very sturdy product

  132. Mukund Muneshwar

    Nice product worth buy it good material used nice grip

  133. Kunal

    Useful to all the needy

  134. Pasha

    Easy to install. worth it

  135. AVINASH K.

    Good quality product

  136. Aniruddha

    Does not hold machine steady. While machine vibrates, these moves a little

  137. archanadevi

    Useful product

  138. Md ikram

    Very nice Product

  139. Dolly singh

    Nice but improve quality

  140. Joel D.

    Small in size

  141. HARISH

    Very good product & usefulNo any vibrating to washing machine I like it

  142. Fateh Singh

    Nice product

  143. Madhusudan K.

    Liked. Working as per my expectations



  145. Vijay

    Good product

  146. Nisha Jacob

    It is a amazing product which is verry useful thank you thank you so much. I really like this

  147. Syam P.Syam P.


    Good but height are low

  149. Sangeetha D.

    It is easy to use. Nice product.

  150. s v ramanas v ramana

    The anti vibration pads work very effectively to dampen vibration of my front loading washing machine, which used to move on the floor while spinning. It is totally stopped now.

  151. Dinesh Patil

    Just what I was looking for

  152. s m.

    This is a very nice product which is easy to install and fits my machine perfectly.

  153. manish rasiklal shah

    Very good product

  154. Pradeep R

    Very useful product and serves the purpose. Prevents floor scratches.

  155. Ankit

    Excellent product..just go for it..

  156. Hitesh M

    Positive note

  157. soumya

    Very good to absorb vibrations due to which life of the machne will increase. Have noticed that the machine does not move when spinning / drying.

  158. Yousuf Ali

    Best product

  159. Ravali

    I have used these vibration pads for Front load Godrej washing machine and it has reduced the vibrations to a large extent. Previously the washing machine used to dislocate from its initial position but now I can run the washing machine without keeping a check on it.

  160. Nitya Raval

    Easy to use, easy to install and was awesome.

  161. surendra

    Over all Good

  162. Jayabalan

    Product is use in any home appliance

  163. C. B. Suresh

    Base for front load washing machine for vibration free operation.

  164. murtunjaya giri

    very useful for washing machine

  165. Laxmi

    The media could not be loaded.  Over 800 spin speed or with thick bed sheets added the machine moves

  166. Deepak Gadhe

    No vibration damping. Only increases the height

  167. Bevin Joshua

    Perfectly serving its my machine is not moving.

  168. Aditya Pal

    Awesome product with good quality

  169. Sujatha A P

    Very easy to use. Sturdy.

  170. Anil

    Value for the money and serve the purposes.

  171. Avantika Gupta

    good product very useful for home

  172. maruthi

    Product received in condition,quality is good, easy to install

  173. Seema

    Very nice

  174. praveen

    Value for money.

  175. Karthik

    Good product

  176. Jimmy sherpa


  177. Niraj Kumar

    Nice product .

  178. Ashish kumar

    Good item

  179. Shashi Ranjan Kumar

    Excellent product with cost , easy to install and strong

  180. Sanjiv Shah

    Easy to install.

  181. K K MAHAJAN

    No vibration in machine

  182. padma

    Washing machine is not moving from its place. It’s still on its place…….

  183. Disha Das

    Much better than normal stand

  184. Ambaram

    Easy to install. worth it

  185. abhishek

    But actual size is too small has compared to shown in photo

  186. naseer

    Works well

  187. Gopal

    Very good product

  188. prasad

    The product reached my expectations that there is no vibration while the washing machine was in us .

  189. hemant

    Product is good 👍, now my washing machine is not moving while spinning.

  190. Anoop k nhangattiri

    Fantastic, working well

  191. aman auja

    easy to use best meterial

  192. Ganesh

    Value for money

  193. manisha dhotre

    I am using this product from two days far it’s washing machine was making noise while spinning but after using this product it has reduced a I can say it’s a good product at this price

  194. Manvesh

    Very good product.

  195. Hrishikesh Pednekar

    Product is excellent

  196. Girish Bhende

    Excellent product

  197. Sandeep Reddy

    Excellent product. Value for money



  199. Manish Pangaonkar

    Very good

  200. Anuj Kumar

    Fast delivery

  201. Amit

    Effective vibration pads

  202. ravi kanth

    Small size

  203. kiran venk

    It does it’s job

  204. Devika

    Its a good product

  205. farooq ali

    NYC product

  206. Aditya

    Awesome product for use.

  207. P Singh


  208. Nandini Sharma

    It works. Washing machine used to move due to vibration. After using this it is stable and the issue is resolved. Good product.

  209. Demo Sharma

    Item is good and satisfied with the purchase

  210. Rohini M

    Very good product and easy to install.

  211. Apoorva

    Go for it

  212. Gourav Bajaj

    Partially works

  213. Nageen Chand

    Vibration pads for washing machine

  214. Sanjay kumarSanjay kumar

    The product is as good as expected no issues at all

  215. Jean Michel Mujyambere

    Product works good. We are happy for this product

  216. Jodha

    Size too small has compared with shown in photo

  217. Sl

    Very good product.easy to install.satisfied.

  218. Shreya

    It’s really good and easy to install

  219. Iti pandeyIti pandey

    Earlier I used whirlpool stand for my machine bt still it used to vibrate a lot n at times it used to shift from its place. bt this is the one which I wanted it does what it claims m totally satisfied with the quality n performance.

  220. Raghuvaran

    Super working

  221. Lalith

    Value for money

  222. Satya@kolkata

    The anti vibration pads work very effectively to dampen vibration of my front loading washing machine, which used to move on the floor while spinning. It is totally stopped now. The product is apparently very sturdy, but only time will tell about sturdiness. Suction cup could have been better designed, but it works ok.

  223. Bharath kumar


  224. Rajesh Kanakundla

    Working good and thanks for good quality

  225. siva prasad tata

    Nice and comfortable

  226. Aadhya

    Product quality is good, keeps the machine sit in one place

  227. Sunil Charles

    IT works. period…..

  228. Dishant Singh Rajpali

    My old washing machine vibrations reduced substantially. Useful product

  229. Nandhakumar

    Value for money

  230. Rocky

    The media could not be loaded.  The product is good and easy to install. It has eliminated the vibration completely and has reduced the noise to a good extent. Good buy!

  231. Krish Yantras

    worth for money. good product.

  232. Sachin Mehtre

    It’s very nice product ………’s reduced the vibration…before this machine use to vibrate more and makes so much sound .after using this product didn’t recognise any sound vibrate …it’s running very smooth..thanks for the product..value for money product… And value for money…i suggest everyone to go for this product

  233. Gaurangi joshi

    Really worth buying solved the biggest problem in my house. Washing machine fits perfectly on these and it’s truly anti vibration. It’s at perfect height so the pipe is no longer causing any problem.

  234. Avani kumari

    Good Product for stability of washing machine

  235. kanuj



    Value for money

  237. Sowmya

    Good product,


    Nice product

  239. Rajarajesh nelakanti

    Easy to installGood and suits best for my washing machineAnd suitable for compact spaces

  240. Shivendra Mohan

    Nice product


    The media could not be loaded.  Best product

  242. Gangavarapu Goutham Nag

    The media could not be loaded.  Liked it, used it for dewan cot

  243. Kanna komarthi


  244. Lakshman

    Good Product

  245. Dhruvi

    It’s not holding on the granite

  246. Asif mehboob

    Good Partner for the Washing Machine Shake Dance….

  247. Mohd Yousuf Hajam

    Size is too small machine does not fit properly

  248. Ashwini Purohit

    Good pardaik

  249. Gaurav Kumar

    Heavy duty metallic and easy to install

  250. Jyotirmay

    It has suppressed the vibration by almoat 95%. Loving it as of now. Not sure how much durable it is. Its been only 1 week we started using it.

  251. VISHAL

    High Durability and best material.

  252. Balaji


  253. Brijesh

    Gud product

  254. V N

    Awesome product. My machine is still now and no movement.

  255. vanaraj

    this product is brilliant product and very cheap for washing stand, i am using bosh 1200max rpm the product is excellent without any movement in 1200 rpm also.

  256. Sanjay

    Good product.

  257. Meghana

    Best quality

  258. Ganesh Jadhav

    Overall good

  259. Jaya

    Useful product

  260. Adil

    As expected


    These Anti Vibration pads were an awesome purchase for me. I was previously using a washing machine stand (for 7 Kg LG washing machine), and that had plenty of issues and the machine surely was not stable and vibrated a lot particularly when spinning at high speeds or when wash loads were on the heavier side. After easy installation of these anti vibration pads, I have had no issues with the machine vibrating or moving from its place. The suction is good enough and it gives a bit of height as well so occasional cleaning under the machine can take place. Overall this product was a good purchase for me and totally worth the price.

  262. Kim mervyn

    The item is very costly to it’s quality.

  263. Sarah

    Anti vibration pads are easy to install and easy-to-use. Suitable for fridge in giving height and easy to clean the floor. Really protect the floor from damage.

  264. Arpana K.

    Very effective for damping washing machine vibration.A must buy product.

  265. andy

    Excellent product with this cost

  266. Dia

    It’s Ok..

  267. Shyam Dubey

    Great quality of vibrant pads, it really works and reduce the vibrants to very much extent just woww

  268. Khushi Pandey

    Suppressing the vibration

  269. S. K. SAHOO

    The product is durable .a good quality plastic n finishing of the product is really worth it . Surely recommended

  270. Faiza.S

    It is a very good product. I used it for my washing machine.

  271. akhtarbdh

    Easy to use and effective one

  272. vishalkumar nagajibhai sheladiya

    Very good

  273. Kamala H

    Stops sliding movement

  274. vijay k.

    Product satisfied and good

  275. Sunil

    I am using this product more than 6 month and i like this stand… it is Very nice product and very useful

  276. Jay Kaneria

    Product is really good

  277. ankitarawat


  278. Sonas Creation

    Value for money and solves the purpose 100% for which it has been created.

  279. Karuna reddy


  280. Sai Narayana

    This proct is extremely good quality and sturdy for heavy appliances. It’s perfect in height and very easy to use.

  281. Karthik

    Compact and effective support for washing machines

  282. Raghav

    Product is good but it is moving on the ground and not stuck to the granite

  283. priyankapriyanka

    i brought this product for my front load washing machine..its superb. increases height of my washing machine and becoouse of that product only i have possible to clean under machine floor clearly

  284. Aman sharma

    Easy to use vibration pads

  285. Mahmood Ghouri

    Average, not too good not too bad. I can say average good.Clap clap clap clap Clap clap clap clap


    I feel the vibration reduced after using this Pads, So I can recommend someone to surely buy the product

  287. Sudesh


  288. Afridi

    Best Anti-Vibration stand for Washing Machine

  289. Avinash B.

    Good product. Reduces machine movement

  290. komal

    Value for money

  291. Deepak K.

    Surprisingly, this is working. Before this it tried another more popular design one and it made no difference. I thought these things doesn’t work and just gimmicky. But then took risk and tried this one and now the machine is not moving during spin cycle.

  292. Vijay Karthik

    Its good tool for vibration washing machine…

  293. Kiran Vijay

    This works …… forget the rest, this is the best. Used for LG frontloading washing machine…….

  294. Mohammed Rafi

    Like. For washing machine

  295. jitender

    Same as shown in pic

  296. Govind singh


  297. Hitesh Sharma

    Premium product to increase washing machine life.

  298. Shanti

    Good products 😀👍

  299. Ayesha

    Great Purchase

  300. Ashish Bisarya

    Good in this price range

  301. Rinku Batiya


  302. Anuj rajpoot

    Finally got something that actually works

  303. neeraj

    Worth of buying it and it does for what we pay for it.

  304. Gokul

    The media could not be loaded.  Hi, the only reason i choose this item to avoid shack while machine in running. It is suitable for all like, refrigerator, etc… Important thing is you can fix another one to height your machine. There is a provisions that i shown in the picture. Thanks

  305. sumeet pal sodhi

    Good for stopping the sliding movement but not for vibrations

  306. chetan shah

    If your washing machine is running on the floor you need this…

  307. N S Reddy

    Useful for washing machine

  308. Akash Raj

    Easy to install

  309. Venkat Kumar

    I brought it for washing machine .It’s not vibration like before .Good quality

  310. Arasi

    Good Product and easy to install..

  311. Ashwini Pitale

    Good one

  312. D.Phanbuh

    It is a good product

  313. Haritha

    Good product but height are low

  314. Ambethkumar


  315. Maharshi

    Very effective for damping washing machine vibration

  316. DEV ANAND N.

    Reduced shaking of the washing machine.

  317. dharmesh

    Its magical.. better than expected.

  318. kumar raja


  319. Meenakshi raina

    Bhut badiya

  320. Divyesh Balar

    Reduces washing machine movement during high speed spin

  321. Dushant

    No more vibration and reduces the noise to some extent

  322. Tajeswi Kumar


  323. vikranth

    Serves the purpose..just go for it..

  324. Arun

    Excellent grip working even on heavy load running.

  325. KirtiKirti

    TN customer

  326. Dinesh Kumar

    Job gets done


    Its a good product.

  328. Pavan

    Better go for itIf you can’t effort 2k to 5k for a stand

  329. Akbar Badhusha

    It absorbs almost all vibrations, only a small movement i have observed. Tested for 2 weeks

  330. Rajesh

    No complaints so far. Go for it.

  331. shubham

    This product perfectly works for Stopping vibration caused By Washing machines. High quality plastic and material. Worth good for give price tag. Will update review after some months of use again till then it’s 10/10

  332. Akash chaudhary

    Easy to assemble

  333. LipuLipu

    Value for money

  334. Ankush

    Fantastic Problem Solver

  335. Roop

    the vibration pad is not so good. not working properly.

  336. Ravikiran Kuppuraj

    After doing much research, I bought this product. My IFB Senorita 6.5kg washing machine started moving/jumping during dryer mode spinning. I checked with the customer care and they simply said I need to change the shock absorbers which costs around 2k. I had a doubt with my stand instead and hence wanted to try this product. As guessed there is absolutely no problem with the machine shock absorbers but the issue is with the bottom stand. After using this, the machine is stand still even at maximum rpm. Its been 3 months now and I am pretty happy with this product.

  337. Jyothi

    So good….

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