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4 in 1 Blackheads Skin Vacuum Suction to cleanse pores, clean acne, pimples and blackhead


Natural Jade Face Roller


(79 customer reviews)

✅ Improves blood circulation

✅ Reduces puffiness and inflammation of skin

✅ Promotes lymphatic drainage

✅ Relieves facial and jaw tension

✅ Minimizes the growth of Pimples

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What is a jade roller?

Jade roller is a beauty massage tool that is made of jade or other stones for face and muscle massage. Jade roller is the common name for this type of product, which can be made of rose quartz (pink face roller), or green aventurine stone (green face roller), or even white jade (white jade roller).


What are the benefits of the Jade Roller?

1. The face roller stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation.

2. Help maximize the absorption of the facial oil, serum, cream, or moisturizer.

3. Reduce puffiness of the skin, relieve the appearance of under-eye circles.

4. The eye-roller will brighten the complexion, tighten pores and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Help you to relax and calm the muscle tension.


A Secret Natural Skincare Tool that Will Cool, Tighten, and Depuff Your Face in Seconds

Dull, Puffy Skin Be Gone

There’s nothing worse than waking up after a night of eating and drinking against your better judgment to find a swollen face staring back at you in the mirror. Rather than getting through the day with fatigue on your face, pick up our Jade Roller and start vanishing evidence of last night with each stroke, restoring balance and energy to your skin.


 The Benefits Aren’t Few

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Plump fine lines and reduce cell turnover time
  • Help close and minimize enlarged pores
  • Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elastin
  • Minimize spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up one facial muscle for improved elasticity and more…

We Made It for You

Handcraft Natural Jade

 Jade Roller is made with a new improved design, making it stronger and less likely to fall off.


Noiseless & Smooth Rolling

Enjoy a stress-free and peaceful experience with the upgraded unique design.




The jade roller can also be used to enhance the skin’s overall health as it helps in preventing acne, pimples and other related issues. Face stone roller is a great alternative to expensive acne treatments. Face massage roller helps in controlling sebum production, thereby reducing the chances of developing acne and pimples on the skin.


The jade roller is one of the most incredible, effective and natural facial tools that can elevate your mood and confidence by giving you a stress-free skin. The jade roller stone provides a cooling effect on the skin that helps in stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Directions to use:

  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry your face using a cotton towel.
  2. Apply your regular serum or oil on your face and start by moving the jade roller in the upward direction, across the cheeks.
  3. Use the smaller end of the jade roller to target delicate areas of your face. .
  4. Wash both the tools after every use.

Besides improving overall health and radiance of the skin, the facial roller

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation of skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Relieves facial and jaw tension
Both tools work together to enhance your beauty rituals and pair perfectly with a serum or facial oil for better absorption.


Jade Roller-

  • Store your jade roller in a fridge
  • Clean your skin
  • Apply a serum or moisturizer

Roll Away-

  • Using the smaller side is recommended around the eyes and the bridge if your nose
  • Use a larger side on your forehead and cheek
  • Roll gently so as not to irritate the skin. We recommend you stroke 10-20 times at the target area
  • Roll from the center of the face outwards for a better lymphatic drainage system

This roller made of Jade promotes proper blood circulation on the face and neck. It also helps in lymphatic drainage to provide healing and avoid puffiness.

It gets rid of excess fluid and toxins by massaging towards drainage points such as along the ears and right by the clavicle.

Additional information

Weight 0.165 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15.5 × 7.5 cm

79 reviews for Natural Jade Face Roller

  1. Shubham

    It’s a very easy-to-use product and money worth buy. You should buy this one.

  2. Wasim ansari

    As expected

  3. Rajni Choudhary

    Fantastic product 👌 worth for money really a good quality jade face roller I order for myself and it truly nice product I am happy 😊

  4. Mastan ShaikMastan Shaik

    No damages. Product was good.

  5. ankit

    Use it is very easy and features are present in it is good and more i liked it

  6. Tariq Hassan Haidery

    The face massager is really effective. Very easy to use. It makes my skin smooth after the use. The product is really value for money. One of my friend had been using it for about a month and she had seen great results in her face glow and texture. I have been using it for the past 3 days and it feels quite relaxing after the use. Till now i found it to be useful and will further update my review about the product’s result.

  7. SUMAN

    Nice product. Its good for personal use.i am really very happy for giving this type of product in low price

  8. Syed tanveer

    Quality of the product is very good

  9. maheshk

    We are glad, we chose this product. Excellent quality and great packing. Simple and effective

  10. Harshitha Reddy

    Its just been a week since I started using these products and now has become my new skin care ritual. What I specifically love about these products is they are made of pure crystal unlike other products which helps to de-stress and soothe your skin al

  11. siva

    Much satisfied with the product.. well packed and it’s quality is also soo good ..

  12. Archana

    Wow received th luxury product!!!I’ve been wanting to buy a face roller for a while because I’ve heard of the many benefits. I found this product and decided to order because the pricing was good for two products since it comes with a face roller

  13. Lisa Ray

    Good quality

  14. M Bharath Kumar

     I have been using face roller before, there is a huge difference in quality with this one from my previous one. Stone is very cool to touch as original stone should and rolls nicely on my face

  15. ravi gupta

    Pretty good one and quality is also very good n thnk god i received it without any breakage n broken piece… Packaging in Gorgeous ❤️.

  16. Bhavya

    Amazing neat and clean, soft , smooth and I think its original stone feels amazing.

  17. harsha parmar

  18. jamunashree

    Absolute winner.

  19. Surya

    Took the Green color set. The quality is very good for both the items.

  20. Nawal

    product quality is so goodthis works like magicvisible effect after single value of money

  21. Gayathri

    Had them for about a week and i already feel am noticing difference. Do feel like real stone and its very cool when put on my skin. I’m not a regular buyer and felt to review the product.

  22. Pratibha sahu

    Wawoo its awesome, hevy stone , cool n lovly .ist very orinal thakns for produt i m soooo happyyy

  23. sathyaviswanathan

    I bought this product today, i have tried it for only once and I felt its really amazing and this is a original product and I recommend you to buy this, this is very worth for the money We pay, gives good blood circulation in our face and it made my

  24. sanath kumar

    Quality product, meets my expectationYou skin will be refreshed

  25. Diksha

    worth buying felt the difference in 2 weeks

  26. rohan chaawra

  27. Kevin

    The roller design is very nice. After using this, my skin got much better. Also after using this product i feel frash and refreshing. And very easy to use this roller massage tool for face massage. It’s also very useful product for reducing black marks under eyes. To be honest, I have had this experience myself. Also it’s a very useful product for a natural glowing skin by a natural method. I strongly recommend to buy this item. No one can give this type of face massage roller in this price range.

  28. Pramod Kumar Mohanty

    Generally i feel stressed after returning from office bcoz of workload. As a result i can feel numbness on my face and dizziness. As per the item description i gave it a try and see i got instant relaxing results. If any one handling excess stress at work the they should use it on regular basis to avoid speed aging coz i am getting notable results.

  29. Ankita

    This product is very good and it is easy to use as a face massager and can be handle smoothly

  30. Shivam Gupta

    This roller gives nice therapy to your face, my wife is using it for past 2 weeks and it is giving great result. it actually increases blood circulation around your face area. i can see glow on her face and under eye wrinkles are less visible.

  31. Kuljeet

    It works wonders for acne prone skin as well. It helps to absorb the serum into the skin and makes your skin looks very hydrated.

  32. GEETA

    Worth buying. I can feel the results, using it twice a day, in the morning and before going to sleep.

  33. Nikki

    This is an awesome product and i feel so refreshing after using this face massage and it totally made me feel fresh.

  34. Nikita kanwar

    Good quality product and easy to use feels relax and refresh with use on face …. must try product for good and tight skin..

  35. Uday

    Very nice product and easy to use. It’s a good purchase with this price bracket.

  36. Anwar uz zaman

    This is a very good purchase. The material of this is also good and this massager relieve the tension on skin and helps in blood flow and gives a brighter look.


    The quality of this jade roller is premium. It is very useful tool for face massage using serums and massage gels. Massage prevents aging.

  38. NehaNeha

    Size is perfect , good and comfortable to use , you can buy without fear at this price .

  39. Amazon Customer

    Nice product

  40. Dharvi

    I like this product such a beautiful product!!

  41. R Karmakar

    I gift this product to my sister, and she told me that the quality of this roller is good and the material is also satisfactory.

  42. LiyaLiya

     First of all the product is okay. I liked it. Easy to use. And I got it in a good packaging. Delivery was good.The material is okay. But I couldn’t recognize its of marvel or not. And so far I will say just try it.

  43. Seema

    i used this from a month and i saw the result which is magical it help in glow on the skin lovely productthank u

  44. Amartya Garai

    Very nice and soft and comfortable to take…easy to use it…very smooth..rolling is also good and metarial is good..

  45. sapna

    Really awesome….. Original and genuine product in affordable price…..

  46. Payal

    Very good product easy to use value for money go for it thank you

  47. Zoya Manaal

    I found it very useful.its easy to use and effective.

  48. Madhu Maheshwari

    Nice product, feel refreshing😊 after using this.

  49. Somanath Behera

    I bought it for my mom. And she totally liked it. She wanted something that ll return glow on face and gives her face a lift and this product worked very well in every way. After using it she feels like relaxing. She also has nerve problems and headache after using the product she says that headache have gotten better. Awesome product.

  50. vineel

    I am using this from past one month.quality is good and affordable price. Quite satisfied with result

  51. Aviral

    Very useful product it is easy to useValue for money productAfter using this i am feeling relaxed 😌Go for it

  52. Vishal

    it is very nice and easy to use, same as shown in the picture and in the description, happy with the purchase.

  53. Minal

    This roller is amazing. So smooth and easy to use

  54. Tirthi Telang

    The face roller made with Jade stone stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It helps maximize the absorption of facial oil, serum, cream or moisturizer hence gives glowing skin also reduces puffiness and relieved the appearance of under-eye circles ,fine lines and wrinkles.

  55. Shree Shreya

    My skin is visibly smoother and texture improved due to regular massage with this roller. Smaller side is for massaging nose and eye area, while larger side is for cheeks. The jade stone is natural and glides on nicely.

  56. Somya Jain

    I loved the packing… Also the product is good too… Instruction manual given inside.

  57. Manmeet Singh Bhullar

  58. Veda Jayanth

    1. Has helped in Reducing fine lines2. Rejuvenates3. Oxygenates skin from within4. Distressing

  59. Diya das

    The media could not be loaded.

  60. Bijaya Lakshmi Sarma

    I bought this tool for the sole purpose of relieving migraine and sinus headaches as I had read that it’s very effective at that. Product wise, it is a multi-utility tool that comes in a lovely packaging.

  61. Ananth

    Easy to use and handheld mini massager for beautiful skin. After a vigorous search found that it’s one of the ancient therapy for beautiful skin.

  62. Monika Salve

    The media could not be loaded.  Product comes out really awesome,Worth every penny!!🤩Happy with this quality product!!

  63. Vandana Yadav

    value for money i like it

  64. Suryanarayana Reddy Nallamilli

    “Genuine products worth the money we pay.. received as a gift from my friend,loving it”. go for it without doubt

  65. Annie

    Quality is the best. It’s easy to use, comes in a fancy box and really really effective with regular use.Go for it.

  66. lakshmi

    Amazing product, very happy to see such a good quality product, the stone is cool to touch, proves it’s authenticity, highly recommend it.

  67. Hari

    It’s It’s genuine product with super good quality and packaging .Very nice Gifting option.Usage is easy and totally worth it.

  68. Ayushi Agarwal

    It is very relaxing

  69. Arijita

    The media could not be loaded.  Its the original stone they are giving not a fake one.

  70. ali asgar

    The product looks so beautiful and classy. It is natural stone and comfortable on the skin.

  71. Nitin Kumar gupta

    It is really a great product to face massage without touch the skin. Drum roller is the best. My wife loved this method to face massage.

  72. Rishi

    Must buy

  73. Priya

    Quality is amazing

  74. Kiran Umakanth

    Great product and comes with a certificate of authentication.

  75. raghavendra

  76. Balvinder kumar

    Best ever !! amazing👌👌👌 liked it so much….

  77. Chandan

    best product and effective for skin. its showing the good result as well as making the skin smooth and glowing. i really highly recommended.

  78. Mohamed Saheena

    The media could not be loaded.  I brought for my daughter.its worth for the money.Some product are over priced but not genuine.They also provide certificate but I don’t feel that is areal jade but this one is real stone

  79. anu malik

    It’s been three weeks since I bought the product. Definitely is cool to touch without keeping in fridge. I keep it in its original packaging out of sunlight.

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